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Samsung Foldable Phone Rumors and Release Date

We have been hearing countless rumors for about a year or two now about Samsung’s foldable phone, named also as Project Valley or Project V. Others also consider it under the phablet category but Samsung prefers calling it the “smartlet” (a smartphone/tablet hybrid).

samsung foldable phone rumors and release date

So what could we expect to have with this foldable phone? Past rumors say that Samsung is working on two prototype testing using Snapdragon 620 and 820 processors. Both of which has 3GB RAM, a micro-SD slot, and a rear camera. But what we are really looking forward to is the “foldable” feature of the phone itself. Thanks to the OLED display, the technology behind this feature. It would not be possible to make it work and function properly without it as this flexible OLED display has an elastic unit made to apply a tensile force to the screen without being damaged. Being dubbed as a “smartlet,” you can have a 5-inch smartphone when folded or a 7-inch table when opened. Now that’s really another awesome technology! And with the recently leaked photos or videos of this Samsung foldable phone, you can see how it actually looks like. This makes many look forward to it even more.

Now let’s proceed to the release date. Many past speculations say that early 2016, Samsung foldable phone will be released. Unfortunately, that never happened. But sources now suggest that Samsung’s company in South Korea may be working on a more working version of the design and may mass-produce it at the end of this year. Hopefully, it would be released to the market sometime next year. No word yet about how much it would cost, however. Keep posted then for more news about Samsung foldable phone rumors and release date.

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