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Sailing Away With a Nautical Wedding

A wedding is the mark of a new chapter to a couple’s life. This is a very exciting event and they would definitely want to make this special and memorable. This is why many would have fun-themed weddings as an alternative to traditional ones. Nautical theme weddings are among the most common – it is timeless and classy. When going for a nautical wedding, it is important that you have a checklist that will make your theme coherent.
sailing away with a nautical wedding
Start your preparations with nautical wedding invitations for all your guests. This will inform your guests of your chosen theme and will also give them an idea on what to expect. Giving away nautical wedding invitations will also help in completing your theme. Usually, the little details like the invites and the favors make a wedding memorable. There are many nautical wedding invitations that you can choose from. You can purchase ready-made invites from your local stationery store. You can also go crafty and make them yourself. Nautical wedding invitations are also available online.

Scout for the perfect nautical wedding location. It would be best to have your wedding by the sea in order to live up to the theme. Check out the nearest yacht club and inquire if there’s a place to hold your wedding that’s overlooking the harbor. However, if there aren’t beaches nearby, you can always dress up any venue to suit your theme. You can bring the sea to your location by filling it with nautical decors. Opt for an outdoor wedding venue with nautical items.

Add interesting nautical motifs to your wedding. You can choose from the ship’s wheel, nautical flags, and sailboats. Remember not to go overboard. It is also nice to add little details like seashells and starfishes. But don’t overly do it and make your venue look like the actual seashore. Just add little touches of the sea here and there so as not to overwhelm your guests. You can even add lanterns, sailor’s knots, and others.

You don’t have to fill your wedding with all navy blue palettes. You can incorporate a touch of green and white all over your decors. This gives your nautical wedding a refreshing twist. Going for pastels is also an interesting way to do a nautical theme. Pastels make your navy decors a bit feminine, as well. You can also stick to the traditional colors of nautical, if you are aiming for that look.

Choosing wedding attires that match your theme is also a great idea. Opt for classic clothing for your entourage. For the bride, the elegant and simple A-line gown is definitely an attention-grabber. You can match it with pearls. Bridesmaids can go for blue or striped dresses in order to fit the nautical theme. The groom and his groomsmen will also look dashing in their navy jackets and white pants.

Most importantly, have fun with all the preparations for your wedding. Never forget to ask for help and inspiration. Remember that you don’t have to spend so much money when you can do it yourself.

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