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Restoring a Great Smile

A person who wants to have a great smile must have a nice set of teeth. Anyone who has problems with his teeth can now address his concern.
restoring a great smile
Teeth problems such as damaged or decayed teeth, gap between teeth, and the likes can now be addressed accordingly. Having dental implants can solve these problems.

A dental implant is normally made of titanium. It is considered a “root” device. This implant is intended to help in restoring a tooth or a set of teeth. This can bring back a great smile and the confidence that comes along with it. This can also help make a person speak and eat his food normally.

There are two different types of implants – the traditional and mini implants.

The traditional implants are the type that are intended as replacement for decayed or lost teeth. These are implanted by creating a small incision in the gum tissue on the jaw bone. The crown will be placed on the implant after the jawbone has healed and the implant is merged to the bone. This will result in a new set of teeth. This set of teeth with the prosthetic ones can function and work like your normal natural teeth. Their size is normally 4mm to 6mm. The traditional implants commonly have three parts which are the titanium screw, the abutment, and the crown.

The mini dental implants are also intended to restore lost teeth. They are primarily intended for the replacement of pre-molars, front teeth, small teeth, and other teeth located in the inner parts of the mouth. These kind of implants are thinner compared to the regular ones. Their size in diameter is normally between 1.8mm to 2.9mm.

Before the surgery is conducted, the doctor must carefully check and identify the patient’s condition. This is to check the shape and dimension of the patient’s bone and other vital structures to prepare the most suitable implants.

Specialists who can perform the surgery are trained and certified dentists, periodontists, endodontists, prosthodontist , and oral surgeons.

The implant will function more effectively if there are enough bones to support and hold it. In cases where there are not enough bones, this can be addressed through bone grafting. This is also called bone augmentation or bone regeneration.

An effective and successful dental implant depends on the specialist who will conduct the procedure, the quality and quantity of bones that will be used, and the patient’s oral hygiene. Other than visiting the dentist regularly, the patient can help with the maintenance of his new set of teeth by observing proper hygiene and following the instructions of his doctor. He must be disciplined enough in taking care of his teeth and avoiding eating habits that can damage or destroy his teeth.

Well maintained teeth can help in bringing back the confidence and self-esteem of a person. So, take care of your teeth and have that bright confident smile.

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