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Residential Drug Treatments Get Better Success Rates

Getting professional help for your drug dependence should not be embarrassing. In fact, it means that you are serious in helping yourself fight off and win in your addiction battle. There are two kinds of drug treatment, the residential or inpatient program and the outpatient program.
 Residential Drug Treatments Get Better Success Rates
The residential rehab works best for you if you are having these conditions: severe withdrawal symptoms, a serious co-existing medical or psychological disorder, a high risk of relapse due to your environment, and if you previously had complications with drug or alcohol withdrawal.

The longer you participate in a drug treatment program, the more likely you will recover. This is why residential drug rehab program has better results than the outpatient program for those who have the above mentioned conditions. Seeking recovery means you have to commit yourself to maintain your pledge of abstinence as the 12-steps program decrees. It is a process that progresses through a series of phases.

The first phase of the treatment is overcoming your drug dependence through detoxification which is administered by physicians. This is just the beginning since it requires a long-term commitment to restoring your physical, mental, and emotional health. Note that short-term detoxification – where you stay in a hospital for about 10 days the most – for your case is a less effective method. You are more likely to get back to your old self once you are over with your treatment.

To have a successful treatment, you need to have the three-month intensive, residential programs. You will need all the residential support you can get. Residential programs offer supportive and drug-free environment. You can easily adjust when you are living by yourself in the residential rehab facilities. The success of your treatment can also be determined on the support and cooperation of your family, friends, and employers. There is a belief that 15 out of 100 addicts are able to recover even with minimal support. However, this scientific claim remains uncertain.

Going on an in-patient program takes you away from different kinds of distractions and temptations. It better prepares you on how to properly respond to triggers and lessen your risk of relapse. You are prepared to be confident in fighting your past demons and be assured of your sobriety. Therefore, the longer you are in a supportive environment, the lower your risk of suffering from a relapse. Also, you are better prepared to face life outside the drug rehab facilities.

You have to tell yourself that you are committed to help yourself come clean no matter how hard it takes. Residential drug treatments are successful when patients have the determination to recover from their drug addiction. You can’t do this on your own, you also need every support you can get.

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