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Removing the Popcorn Ceiling Texture the Right Way

When one hears the word “popcorn”, the food that people usually eat while watching a game or a movie is the first thing that comes into mind. But the word also has other meanings, like popcorn ceiling for instance.
Removing the Popcorn Ceiling Texture the Right Way
A popcorn ceiling is a term for a spray paint on the ceiling that was first used by the Americans in remodelling their respective residences. It was then the standard for residential hallway ceilings since it involves bright and white appearances. It also is capable of reducing the noise in the surroundings and has the capability of hiding flaws. But with all the latest trends in home remodelling, some are looking to remove the popcorn ceiling paint they have.

For most cases, a popcorn ceiling removal project can be personally done by the homeowner. But there are instances that it is better to hire a professional to do the job. For example, if the homeowner does not have a flexible working schedule or has plenty of work requirements and other responsibilities, then having contractors is a good option. Others may have physical disabilities or injuries which make it difficult for them to do some changes. With these cases, to hire contractors who would remove the texture and place the new one for the ceiling is the best choice.

Whether it is for redecorating, remodelling or whatever the reason might be, taking off the old popcorn texture is a good starting point. Surely, one would like to hire the perfect person who can give the best service for the job. But in order to do this, one should know what questions to ask the contractor. Anybody could claim that they already have experience with regards to these projects. So, the more one knows what to ask, the more he would be able to ensure a job well done.

Remember that before contractors are hired to remove the popcorn texture, they should be asked whether they test for lead and asbestos or not. This important because most homes that were built years before 1978 were built with these types of dangerous chemicals. This would mean that as the texture of the ceiling is being removed, airborne dust with these chemicals might be inhaled, thus, opening anyone else to the risk of getting diseases. Good thing that there are already laws that are already in effect, which states that contractors should be certified to handle these kinds of jobs and must conduct proper testing before pushing through with the project. Homeowners should make sure that there is a written contract, including all the details necessary for the job, between them and the contractors.

Never take these things for granted in order to have a beautifully remodelled ceiling.

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