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Removing Molds

Molds are fungi that you don’t want in your houses because they cause health problems. They can cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, irritations in your eyes, skin, nose, throat and lungs.
Removing Molds
If your house has been flooded and damaged water, there is a big possibility that molds have invaded your home. If you find some discolorations in your wall with patches of growth, then you have spotted the molds. Your homes can also have that musty and earthy smell.

You can remove the molds yourself by cleaning your walls and other items with molds by using detergent and water but if the damage is quite significant, then it’s time to seek professional help.

Most of the time, when we need some huge jobs done in our homes, we depend on our friends and families for recommendations. But recommended or not, we need to be able to tell whether we got the right contractor or if we have to consider another one.

The first thing we do is get a quote from the contractor but these contractors would want to know what exactly you want done. So you had better outline the scope of work you want the contractor to do before asking him for a quote. What exactly do you want him to do? Do you just want him to remove the molds or to fix the underlying moisture that causes the molds?

There are times when we really have no idea how to go about it and we depend on the professional contractor to tell us what needs to be done. This is where some unscrupulous contractors might take advantage and give us an assessment for jobs that need not be done.

There is a sure-fire way to protect you from some scheming contractors. Tell the contractor that all you need from him is to define the work to be done, and get another contractor to do the job. That way, he gives you the exact assessment of the work because he is not going to profit by over-estimating it since somebody else is doing the job. And please don’t ask him to recommend another contractor.

Once the job has been properly assessed, then you can invite contractors to give you a price quote for the job. Compare the prices they give you and use your best judgment. Some contractors might give a lower price but you know they are going to cut corners for profit.

When at last you find your contractor, be sure you have everything covered. Does he provide warranty for the job? Does he understand the scope of the job and does his price cover the whole job? Be sure that nothing is overlooked. Then you might want to check his references.

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