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Quartz Counter Tops: Timeless and Elegant

Natural Quartz countertops showcase the beauty of natural stone that is utterly unique and worth every dime. There are many manufacturers who offer various types of natural quartz finishing. SileStone, DuPont Zodiaq, Samsung and even Hanstone are among the manufacturers who have more than ten types of quartz counter, which feature many distinct colors that highlight its beauty.
Quartz Counter Tops: Timeless and Elegant
Kitchens in five-star restaurants and even those chefs at home have switched to natural quartz countertops. It truly has been quite the star of the kitchen, giving a sense of royalty among its other benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you should also invest in natural quartz countertops:

Stain Resistant
Natural quartz countertops resist all types of natural stains, whether it is pizza sauce, oil, sarsa and other seasonings and sauces. This characteristic of the quartz countertop is shared with ceramic type of countertops but not with granite, soapstone and laminate top.

Burn Resistant
Another astonishing feature of quartz countertop is that it is burn resistant, although it is suggested that one use a trivet under the pans for safer measure. Although soapstone, granite, and ceramic tiles share the same characteristic, they have lower resistance when it comes to burns.

Scratch Resistant
Who wouldn’t want a countertop that is always looking shiny and have that brand new look? Since the quartz countertops are 90% made of stone material, they resist all sorts of scratches. This characteristic is shared only with the granite type.

Mold/Mildew Resistant
This is not a usual problem when it comes to countertops since non-porous materials resist molds and mildew. But it is not true at all time since granite, laminate and soapstone have reportedly had issues with molds and the like.

Aside from the benefits that were mentioned, it is equally important to consider the costs involved. With quartz counter type, you save expenses for repairs, maintenance and other expensive cleaning agents. Quartz are reportedly priced from twice to up to four times the price of an average granite counter top but then its aim is the longevity of the beauty and usage of the product that not all types of counter types can provide. It’s like paying for five benefits in one, rather than buying all sorts of counter types that may entail costly repairs in the future.

There is no need to combine finishing anymore, like laminate walls with granite counter tops, just to get all the effect you want. If you add those expenses, it would be more expensive than simply buying quartz countertops.

Quartz countertop is considered superior among its competitors because it is practical, economical, and elegant.

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