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Quality Dust Filters Improve Health

A dust filter is designed to do exactly what its name implies – it removes dust from the air and helps to improve air quality. It is extremely important in the battle against asthma and other respiratory ailments that affect millions of people every day.
quality dust filters improve health
Most commercial and industrial buildings now use some type of dust filter in an effort to provide a cleaner environment for occupants but many homes still lack a decent quality filtration system. A dust filter can do much more than simply improve cleanliness, it can also help to eliminate odors, vapors and fumes and even certain chemicals if designed for that purpose.

Dust filters are available in many varieties and the prices vary according to the features available. Some units work automatically while others are manual. Portable units are quite convenient, can be effective in a variety of environments and offer the convenience of small size and the ability to use one unit in multiple locations saving money and providing the user with a much healthier environment. Some of the better units employ noise filtering features and are very quiet while in operation.

Obviously, a portable dust unit is not sufficient for large commercial or public buildings and stationary units are required to filter the air in these locations. Typically these larger units require professional installation and a schedule of routine maintenance to ensure proper operation. Some companies provide training in air quality to customers as a part of their service and can also develop a custom filter if required for a particular need.

A more cost effective system usually offers a cleanable filter that is much more economical than replacing dirty filters continually and require only minimal maintenance for years of reliable service. The filter should be easy to remove for cleaning to save time and should be of sufficient quality to endure numerous washings. Many air filtration systems today also offer a dual filter assembly which will increase the efficiency of the unit and reduce the number of cleanings necessary for each separate filter. These units use what is known as a “pre filter” which removes much of the dust before the air circulates to the main filter and are considered to be an improvement to the single filter models. No matter which unit is chosen for a particular application, the goal is to provide cleaner air and a healthier environment.

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