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Pure Air – The Secret to Good Health

Pure air is defined as air that contains only the particulates normally found in air and is relatively free of pollutants. It’s a well-known fact that much of the air we breathe today is loaded with pollutants and is detrimental to our health. Carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke, dust, dirt and industrial pollution are all contributing factors to the unhealthy air that we breathe and may lead to serious and sometimes lethal consequences. Pure air is essential to our good health and well being.
pure air - the secret to good health
Under normal circumstances air is constantly being cleaned by nature itself as the wind actually helps to take particulates up into the air and out of the reach of human and animal respiratory systems. Obviously this is not the case inside of our homes and there are many other contributing factors to indoor air pollution.

Most U.S. homes are very polluted and much of the problem is from products within the home itself, not from the outside air. Many products in the home contain formaldehyde such as plywood, insulation and certain plastics. This chemical is highly toxic and can be lethal if breathed into the lungs over a period of time. Oven cleaners are particularly toxic, especially the fumes themselves. Cosmetics contain copolymer residues of vinyl acetate which is very unhealthy when breathed in.

Even the heating and cooling systems that we use can serve as a conduit for irritants and allergens to circulate throughout our home. The truth is that the only substances that are not toxic to our bodies are healthy food, clean water and pure air.

Recent studies have shown that the air quality within our homes is worse than the outside air that we breathe. This is particularly true in today’s modern cities where people spend a lot of time indoors and get precious little pure air from the outside. The negative effects of air pollution affects us in many ways including sleep disorders, skin irritations, respiratory ailments, nasal congestion, increase occurrences of illness and even certain digestive disorders. Someone once said that “We are what we eat” and it is equally true that we are what we breathe.

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