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Prostate Cancer: Can Women Get It Too?

This thought can be alarming that women can get prostate cancer, if, that is indeed so. Ignorance of the real circumstance of the disease will not help appease the growing concern among men. The argument or debate whether women can get prostate cancer is being carried on in the medical field. As we all know, breast cancer is common among women, just as men are more like to have prostate cancer.

Perhaps the more appropriate matter to discuss here is NOT whether women can get the disease per se, but how the disease affects her when a loved one or partner is diagnosed with such health malady. It should be noted that it is not only the patient who is greatly distressed of having to undergo treatment, lifestyle adjustments or changes, emotional swings, etc. Spouses or partners equally carry these burden. Support among the other members of the family, most especially the significant other half is an important element in the process of the medical treatment of the patient. Communication is key.

Being open and honest about the real condition of his health, a man can – figuratively speaking – tear down the walls of getting the disease in the first place. Just like what the old adage goes: Prevention is better than cure. This doesn’t only relate to having regular medical check-up and discussing issues with the doctor, and ensue that everything is actually being laid down for proper record; but, it is also coherent that the man speaks out how he is feeling and what he is thinking about his condition to his partner.

In the view if the fact that whether women can get prostate cancer, surveys can vary every now and then among nations. Until a precise study is concluded for this claim, the debate is still open. What we can tell for now, they get affected by the “disease” because their men have it.

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