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Problems of the Rich and Famous

You have to admit it. There has always been this point in everyone’s lives where we stopped and wished that, “Darn, I wish I was famous!” Of course, being famous can be very appealing—you have got all the free stuff, the cool movie roles, perky lifestyle and yes, again, the free stuff. But there is always a downside to everything right? Famous people also have problems. Ones that their assistants cannot fix for them or ones that they can pay to get rid of.

Alcohol and Drug Dependence
Yup, this one is pretty obvious though. How many stars have we lost because of OD? Too many. Hey Lindsay, have you relapsed yet? We have always wondered how stars can throw away their talents and happy life for the thrill of some high. Hmm. But what could be the root of this dependence?

Having people following you around all day long can be a big problem. Why would they want to follow you if you’re just going on your coffee run? C’mon people! Paparazzi feeds on those embarrassing moments where stars have no make-up on or when they just had their cheat meal—awkward?

Psychological Problems
One out of four Americans over 18 is living with a diagnosable mental disorder. Yikes! And celebrities are no exemption. Many of our favorite stars have even come out with their diseases like Catherine Zeta Jones, Mel Gibson and Carrie Fisher, to name a few. (All three have bipolar disorders.)

Not having the new “thing”
Celebrities always have to have the first of everything. Sometimes you see them rant if they don’t get what they want. Celebrities, if we may say so, are big spoiled brats with all the money to indulge on their wants. Lucky bastards.

Being Too Fat
People ridicule celebrities all the time for being too pudgy or having gained some extra weight. Seriously, have you seen how skinny they are even? But because all eyes are on them, celebrities also take to thinking they are “fat” and eventually they starve themselves and pretty soon they are called too “skinny” and the cycle goes on and on!

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