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Princess Diana: Even Princesses Aren’t Safe

The beautiful Princess Diana. Ever wonder how everything would be like if she was still alive? Big pity how she can’t see her adorable grandson now. What’s even a bigger pity is that 17 years after her death, a lot of buzz is still going around about how she died and why she died.

We all know how it happened: Diana was riding a car that was driven at high speed by a very drunk chauffeur who lead all of its passengers to death by smashing into a concrete in a tunnel. (Well, maybe not all passengers; the bodyguard survived the crash.)

Why it happened, we don’t know exactly but maybe these conspiracy theories could shed us some light.

Theory #1 – Princess Diana was killed on orders of the royal family

Retail tycoon and father of Diana’s boyfriend at that time, Mohamed Al Fayed was convinced that the royal family wanted her out because she was soon to announce her engagement and pregnancy to Dodi’s son. The royal family probably couldn’t accept the fact that a half-Egyptian would become stepfather to their future king?

princess diana

Theory #2 – Rogue soldiers killed Princess Diana because she was a threat

Much like the first theory, this conspiracy theory really became widespread. And even the princess herself contributed to this one! Apparently, just ten months before the crash, she wrote a letter saying that some people are plotting to kill her in a car crash. She even gave this letter to the butler and told him to keep it as an insurance for the future. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

Theory #3 – Dodi Al Fayed was the target, not Princess Diana

Some theorists have reason to believe that the main target of the whole incident was Dodi. And that the whole thing was planned by their business rivals. His dad made a lot of enemies over the year and they maybe figured that the perfect revenge would be by killing their son. But why did they have to kill the princess too?

Theory #4 – Princess Diana faked her own death

Of course this one is really ridiculous but it always comes up after a death of a celebrity. Incidentally, Diana wanted to stage her own death because she has been getting too much attention from the media. If she’s still alive today, how can she not want to surface to visit cutie George?

Whatever the case, there are still a lot of questions about Princess Diana’s death. How come none of the 14 CCTV cameras captured the crash? How come Diana wasn’t wearing a seatbelt? More questions than answers. I guess some things will just have to remain a mystery!

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