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Preventing Melasma and Hyperpigmentation

Two common skin diseases that are often mistaken for one another are hyperpigmentation and melasma. Both diseases are closely related and results in discoloration of the skin. What sets melasma different is that it affects larger parts of the skin including the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose.
Preventing Melasma and Hyperpigmentation
Melasma is usually triggered by genetic history, exposure to intense sunlight, and even intake of certain drugs. It is more common for people from hot climates to obtain the disease e.g. Latino, black race, as compared to those who belong to the white race. There are still a few cases though when white people catch the disease.

The two skin diseases have affected the lives of many people. It sometimes pulls down the confidence of people. People who have it are often shy and tend to go by themselves, referring to their look as unpleasant. Some have even testified that some people tend to avoid them thinking that the disease is transferable through physical contact.

The skin disease melasma is more common to men than it is to women. When women have melasma, it is usually due to hormonal changes. This usually happens to women who are taking contraceptives. In the case of hyperpigmentation, it is usually linked with prolonged intake of medication such as oral antibiotics, anti-epilepsy drug treatment, and amiodarone which is a heart medication usually taken to treat heart arrhythmias or chest pains.

Fortunately for people who have the disease, there have been many researches done to prevent it from spreading and to regain the skin color back to its original state. Among the most famous solution is laser treatment. It is proven to reduce the visible effects of melasma and even hyperpigmentation.

An economical way of treating melasma is through the help of formulation and over the counter products that are developed to help stop the spread of the disease. These formulation are turned into types of lotion that are placed on the affected part until they are healed. Most of these formulation use natural ingredients that are anti-inflammatory. They are also anti-bacterial to prevent any possible skin irritation. Just like the laser treatment, they also promise maximum result.

Melasma, hyperpigmentation or any other skin disease should not prevent one from going on with his or her life. With treatments available, sulking in the corner or accepting who you are just won’t do. It’s time to get back your life, starting with the color of your skin. Choosing to treat yourself early will even save you further expense later on when the disease has fully spread on your body.

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