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Prevent Colon Cancer Before It’s Too Late

Colon cancer, also known as bowel cancer or colorectal cancer is deadly disease brought by uncontrolled cell development in the appendix, colon or rectum. These are tumors found in the aforementioned parts of the digestive system. No obvious symptoms are normally found from a person suffering from it in its early stages.
Prevent Colon Cancer Before It’s Too Late
Based on a study conducted by UK Researchers which lasted about eleven years with 170,000 respondents, those women and men aged fifty-five to sixty-four had lowered their risk of getting cancer after undergoing colon cancer screening. They used a single flexible sigmoidscopy for the test.

Flexi-Scope test is the screening used to detect colon cancer. This test is normally completed in 5 minutes, which can actually increase the chances of early detection and ultimately, lessen the number of people dying from it.

The test screening is painless. It uses a metal tube, which is inserted in the rectum to assess the sigmoid, also known as colon’s lower part. This tube has a tiny optic camera with a light and is intended to check if there’s any inflammation or polyps in the colon. The camera transmits images inside the rectum and colon so the physician can check and examine the condition and lining of these organs. The tube can also blow some air inside these organs so the doctor can check and see them better.

The main agenda of this test is to check the colon for any development of polyps and to have it removed immediately before it can become harmful and become cancerous. Removal of polyps at early stages is a good means of preventing the development of colon cancer.

Another test to detect colon cancer is through fecal blood test. It is intended to check if there’s any blood existing in the stool. This is important since there are certain areas that the Flexi Scope can’t reach and detect.

Flexi Scope may seem to be almost the same with colonscopy. They are the same in the sense that both processes involve insertion of a tube in the rectum to view the condition of one’s colon. However, their difference is what is being viewed – the colonscopy views the entire colon while the sigmoidoscopy focuses on the distal part of the colon.

If cancer symptoms are detected on its early stages, it can be prevented from develop before it gets too late. As the famous expression says, “Prevention is better than cure.” Each one of us must engage ourselves in a healthy lifestyle and must not be scared to take regular consultations with our doctor. Also, don’t be afraid to take tests whenever you feel something. These can help easily detect if there’s any problem occurring in our body and can prevent problems or any illness from further developing.

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