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Preserving Marine Biodiversity by Protecting Sharks

The notion of sharks being savage attackers that pose danger to mankind has continued to be the norm, especially with movies and concepts that make these creatures look bad in the eyes of the greater public. What most of the people don’t know is that the greatest threat to these creatures is none other than man himself. The sharks are supposedly on the top list of hunters in the food chain of the ocean. But because of constant human intervention, the natural food chain is disrupted, making these sharks preys rather than hunters.
preserving marine biodiversity by protecting sharks
The number of sharks present today is a lot less compared to their population in the 1970s. One of the main causes of the decrease in their population is what we call “finning”. This is a process where the fins of the sharks are stripped from their body in order for people to sell it, especially since it is the main ingredient in making the expensive shark-fin soup. These alarming information call for a project that would help us save the sharks: the shark conservation project. This shark conservation project allows us to protect the sharks from the usual practices that lead to their depletion, and eventually, the extinction of some of their species.

Knowing the shark’s life cycle is an essential part of making shark conservation possible. After being aware of their cycle, many conservationists become concerned about sharks. Their population is shrinking faster than their reproduction. These creatures don’t have the ability of reproducing faster. Aside from that, they reproduce fewer offsprings than those of the other fishes in the ocean. This is mainly because they don’t lay eggs, rather, they have live births, making it very difficult for them to produce a lot of offsprings.

Finning has been widely used by many businessmen that are in line with the food industry, not only because of that special delicious taste that the shark’s fin has, but also due to the lucrative opportunity to make money from it. This has become the major obstacle in maintaining shark conservation, leading to the estimated loss of 73 million sharks around the world every single year. But finning is not the only concern here. Bycatching is another major problem. This is where fishermen accidentally catch sharks while hunting for other types of fishes. Another threat would be the destruction of the habitat of the sharks that is mainly caused by water pollution, changes in the climate, not to mention the damages made to the reefs.

Sharks, just like any other creature in this planet, have their own roles in our ecosystem. If the population of this creature dramatically drops, adverse effects can be expected. Take note that the sharks are on the top list of predators in their respective ecosystem. It means that if their numbers would go down, it would affect the whole ecosystem and leads to the unwanted boom in population of other underwater animals.

It is time to be one with the government and other sectors in promoting shark conservation, to maintain the balance of the ecosystem.

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