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Preggy Query: Things You Should Know About 4D Ultrasound

If you are an expectant mother, you surely want to check how your baby is doing inside your womb. With a number of technologies to do this, the most popular to a lot of pregnant women seems to be the 4D ultrasound.
 Preggy Query: Things You Should Know About 4D Ultrasound
4D ultrasound captures your baby’s 3D image in real-time, enabling you to identify your child’s gender, as well as his/her features. As a pregnant mother who hasn’t gone through this process, here are some facts regarding 4D ultrasound and the things you should know about it.

Make sure that your doctor is using the latest 4D machine.
An old model can affect the end image of the ultrasound. A bad quality image will leave you disappointed, for you will not be able to see your child visibly.

Pick an attractive all-in package.
Different doctors offer different packages for 4D ultrasound. Make sure that you choose a complete one that will include printed copies, CD or DVD, as well as soft copies of the files.

Bring along a family member.
It’s great to bring your husband or other members of the family so they can also witness the new addition to the family. Share to them the joy of looking at your child for the first time.

Make sure that the one facilitating is qualified.
When going through an ultrasound, you have to make sure that the one performing it is qualified and has the proper knowledge regarding the process. This is to avoid mishaps and accidents that can affect the baby in the womb.

Schedule the ultrasound.
Make sure that you do this during the time you are most relaxed. Proper planning for the trip to the doctor is crucial. This is to avoid stress during the journey to the clinic or hospital. This is also to make sure of the availability of the doctor and the family members who want to tag along.

Proper timing is crucial.
To get the best results and best images, make sure that you are over the 22nd week of pregnancy. Earlier than that and you will definitely go home empty-handed and disappointed.

Allocate a budget.
Availing of 4D ultrasound is not that cheap. Make sure that you have enough money to go through with the process and cover the expenses. Anticipating the ultrasound just after getting pregnant helps you save up money for it.

Check with your insurance.
If you don’t have enough budget, you better check if your insurance or your husband’s insurance can cover the expenses. This will help you save more money for the actual birth as well as for your child’s future needs like doctor check-ups and vitamins.

Enjoy the process.
If it’s your first time, relax and enjoy. Take everything in. And be thankful that technology like this exist now, helping you see your child before he/she gets born.

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