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Powering Up with Generators and UPS

Power interruptions are inevitable. Sometimes, it happens when you are in the middle of finishing an important document about to be submitted within thirty minutes! Fortunately, with today’s technological advancement, experts have developed generators and uninterruptible power supplies which are often being used simultaneously in case of sudden power outages.
Powering Up with Generators and UPS
However, before purchasing a new emergency power supplying device, it is important to know the difference between the two:

This power system is often utilized by large buildings and factories. Generators operate on fuel which can last for days. Choosing a generator over an uninterruptible power supply works best for building and company owners since generators are cost-effective. Fuel, which is the generator’s power source, is cheaper as compared to a battery that is used in operating an uninterruptible power supply. Moreover, fuel provides long energy than that of a battery which can only provide energy for hours to a day or two, depending on the consumption.

Although the generator’s key features are seemingly promising, not all companies and large buildings find these as beneficial to their businesses and this is the reason why they chose to have uninterruptible power supply over generators.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Uninterruptible power supplies are best used by offices which are situated in a high rise building. Its small size is great for small spaces as it can perfectly fit in the office, something which a generator cannot do. Moreover, this power supply device operates on a battery that can be also used to run your computer in the event of sudden power outage.

Another great feature of uninterruptible power supply, from the name itself, is its continuous power supply since it is not equipped with a “make before break” switch found in a generator (in which the utility feed needs to fully stop within milliseconds before a generator can start its operations). This gap does not occur with a UPS device as it uses the battery’s power the very moment it detects the loss of power coming from the utility feed. This can be attributed to the elimination of infinitesimal gap which is often seen in generators.

While an Uninterruptible Power Supply has great features, it also has its fair share of downsides too. One of which is its limited coverage. This device can only provide electricity to small areas, thus an office needs to purchase several units of UPS in order to ensure the continuance of the business operations. Therefore, having this kind of power supply device can be less beneficial to big establishments that need to have a strong, steady and long lasting electricity especially in times of emergency.

Whether it is a generator or an uninterruptible power supply, it is a good practice to assess the needs of your business before purchasing a new power supply device.

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