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Playing Hair Design Games

Girls, as they grow up, somehow manage to realize that fashion is something they need and want. Many have become fashion-conscious, from head to toe. It has been found that hair styling, as part of becoming fashionable, is a trending activity for girls, acting as if they are hair stylists and using the hair as a medium to express their creativity. They get ideas from magazines, social networking sites, and even from hair design games. These games challenge the players by delivering the desired hairstyles of the customers in the game in the quickest time possible. Here are some of the hair design games that girls love to play.
playing hair design games
Cute Hairstyle
This game was designed for the younger aged kids that are fond of fashion and makeovers. Unlike other games, Cute Hairstyle does not score nor have a time limit. Children are free to delve into more styles and even experiment on making one. The games starts by clicking the shampoo, rinse, and dry as preparations for hair styling. They’ll know that the clients are happy with the style if they put on a happy face. Kids can also click on the heat press or curler icons and add accessories, jewelries and the like.

Perfect Hair Dresser
This is one of the hair design games that gives players the chance to make their own hairstyles to impress their customers. You do this by either copying the hairstyle of a model or by simply doing your own thing. Click on the “Scissors” button and choose what type of haircut you like. You may add curls or waves or color if you wish to. When you’re done, your customer will tell you if she’s happy with the style or not. There are many versions of this game and also comes in different languages.

Blind Hairdo
This is a very fun and challenging game wherein players are challenged to design one’s hair in the dark! Unlike the two mentioned games above, Blind Hairdo is a real-life game where friends could play with each other’s hair with their blindfold on. Although you have blindfolds on, the challenge does not end there. Index cards with different scenarios are given to you and you will have to randomly choose what theme to follow (e.g. prom, birthday, prison, etc.). You may also include items such as curlers, hair spray or even big bows. The one with the craziest hairdo wins.

Hairdo Relay
This game is like a race where the group is divided into two teams. Each team would have one customer and one hairdresser. The items available for hairstyling are placed in a different table. The hair stylists are asked to randomly choose a specific hairstyle to follow and the tools needed must be grabbed one item at a time. Only after the stylist has gathered the needed tools can she start styling her customer’s hair. The first to finish wins the game.

These are just some of the hair design games available for your entertainment. Enjoy!

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