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Playing Graduation Party Games

Finally! Graduating is one of the best feelings there is, knowing that at last, you are bound to face the real world. It is not everyday that you get to finish your studies. And whether you graduated with flying colors or not, it is still a magical feeling. This is also often a time for your family and friends to gather and celebrate. Having a graduation party is one way of celebrating your success. Most of the parties are characterized by the traditional way which means giving invitations to relatives and friends, them visiting you at home to give their congratulations or give you gifts and other items to show their happiness for your achievement. But why not have a unique party and make it more fun and enjoyable?
playing graduation party games
There are many ways to make the party lively and one of these is having graduation party games. It may sound a little child-like but it’s nice to go back to being a child once in a while, right? So here are some graduation party games that you may want to try.

Ice Cream Time!
This is one of the graduation party games that are loved by many since this involves eating an all-time favorite – ice cream. In this game, the participants are given a cup of ice cream. Sounds easy? Well, mind you, participants have to eat their share of ice cream by using only their mouths. The use of hands is not allowed. The first to finish eating the ice cream wins.

What Did You Say Again?
This game only involves your memory so this is a thrifty game for you. You don’t even have to use any materials. Form a circle and one participant starts the game by saying a full sentence about an event in his/her life. After which, the participant beside him/her should repeat the exact sentence, and to make it more difficult, he/or she would add another phrase to that sentence. Same procedure goes for everybody else.

Let’s Dance!
One of the graduation party games that makes the celebration alive is this game. All the guests should go to the dance floor. Play the music and a couple should dance on the dance floor. In a few minutes, stop the music and let the couple choose other partners. This should go on until all the people in the party are dancing. This will surely spice up up the party.

Apple Please
In this game, separate the group into two teams and make them form two circles. Each team is given an apple that they should pass to the person next to them using only their chin and neck. This game does not involve the use of hands to make it more fun and challenging. The first team to finish wins.

Graduation party games will surely make the party livelier. After all, you deserve every bit of fun and enjoyment before facing the competitive corporate world or whatever it is you are planning to pursue in your life.

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