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Plantar Fasciitis Disease: Enemy Number One of the Foot

Our feet are essential in living our daily life that’s why it is really painful if we get some foot disease. Many people are experiencing various kinds of foot diseases or what we call plantar fasciitis syndrome. This syndrome affects the planta fascia of your foot, which is the thick protection tissue of the foot underneath your heel extending to your toes. You will experience significant pain on your heel if you have this disease. Causes of plantar fasciitis disease include working and standing for long hours or wearing the wrong kind of footwear. It also may be due to enormous body weight, which is common in overweight people. Fallen arches can also be attributed to this painful foot complication. People with this kind of foot pain can be treated by a device, which will help stretch the achilles tendon to help ease the stress on the foot. This device is called plantar fasciitis sock.
Plantar Fasciitis Disease: Enemy Number One of the Foot
Our foot always gets stressed after long hours of work or after standing for some time. It also gets stressed from continuous walking and running. With the help of plantar fascia, the stress of the foot is lessened as it bears the burden when the foot presses on the ground. Plantar fascia and achilles tendon share function to reduce your heel pain by stretching the tendon.

Because many people are complaining about their painful foot, doctors invented types of plantar fasciitis treatment such as the use of othotic devices. These devices have the ability to reduce the stress and pressure on your plantar fascia, allowing your foot to heal immediately. These treatment devices include special shoes and insoles, which support the lower part of your foot. During your sleeping hours, similar devices and orthotic splints are used to keep the foot comfortable.

Another effective way of relieving the pain of your tendon is with the use of plantar fasciitis sock. This sock fits from your foot to the calf, helping your lower foot to relax. The plantar fasciitis sock also helps stretch your achilles tendon and calf muscle to make you feel more comfortable and reduce the stress in your foot.

One more benefit of plantar fasciitis sock is it can be used overnight to hold your foot in a flexed position to feel at ease. Because of this position, the stress and pain that you are feeling while walking are being reduced. Moreover, if you use the sock regularly for several months, it will enhance the flexibility of your calf muscle to relieve severe stress.

However, you should be careful when wearing this sock because it is exclusively for those who have foot complication. If you don’t have foot disease, then don’t use this because it may harm your foot unintentionally.

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