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Planning a Graduation Party Menu

Graduation is one of the many occasions that are really well-celebrated by families. Graduating, may it be in grade school, high school or college, or in whatever level it may be, is something to be proud of and indeed, a celebration is required to highlight the event. There are many ways of celebrating graduation. It may be in the form of quiet dinner with the family, a vacation in some place worth the tour, or the most famous form of celebration, which is having a graduation party. And of course, the best feature of the celebration is the food. A graduation party menu highlights a superb and fantastic graduation party. The menu should consist of a list of food that is fit to the taste of the guests. With good set of food, your graduation party will surely be enjoyed by everybody. There are many brilliant concepts in making your graduation party menu. So here are some tips on how to make one.
planning a graduation party menu
In every occasion or celebration, the first thing you should always consider is your budget for the event, mainly your budget for your food. If you think you are capable of spending a big amount of money, then planning a graduation party menu will not be a problem. The most used idea is hiring good caterers to do the work for you. These caterers are already responsible for providing good food in line with your theme and of course, they provide good service. Having them help you is indeed priceless. But what if you have a fairly low budget? The best thing to do is to ask help from friends or family and make a very good “food group” out of these people. You can also initiate a “pot-luck” party wherein guests would bring their own delicacies and specialties for all of you to enjoy. But all of these planning will also depend on what time you want your party to start. Every theme requires a different graduation party menu.

Some families enjoy the “brunch party” wherein you celebrate after breakfast and before lunch. The graduation party menu in this type may consist of cereals, fresh fruits, pancakes, cupcakes and different pastries. Coffee, milk or tea may also be served as well as the usual breakfast to lunch meals like bacon, eggs, hotdogs, steaks and the like.

Another graduation party idea is celebrating it in your own home or in your garden. This theme would give you a simpler and more intimate celebration. Your menu may consist of pizza stalls, or coffee stall, hotdog or barbecue stands, and a lot more mini stall ideas. And the most commonly done is having a buffet, complete with pasta, soup, salads and desserts in your menu. The guests will surely enjoy celebrating with their own servings of food.

A graduation menu is important so make sure you plan it perfectly to enjoy your celebration and make it more memorable!

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