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Pilates as a Back Pain Reliever

One of the most revolutionary health exercise developed in the early 20th century is Pilates. Many people have already included it as part of their routine lifestyle activity, doing it at least once a week. This health exercise has been developed by Joseph Pilates wherein the mind and body works harmoniously together. It emphasizes on breathing techniques to ensure the control of the mind over the body.
Pilates as a Back Pain Reliever
Pilates had developed this exercise for his own health. Little did he know how many people would be adapting to this health regimen of his. Even soldiers who were recovering from injuries at war had achieved wonderful effects by using Pilates exercise.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain has been one of the root causes of disability for people all over the world and has been experienced by more than 80% of U.S. workers. An average person is expected to incur back pain at one point of his or her life.

Fortunately, with the help of Pilates exercise, the pain brought about by back pain can be relieved. Instead of spending mounds of cash for medication and doctor appointments, Pilates offers a holistic and free way of healing. Pilates focuses on the fundamental imbalances of the body, aiming to put it back in harmony. There are four ways on how Pilates can help relieve back pain.

Develops the body’s core strength
Pilates develops the body’s core strength through its workout and methodology. By giving special attention to the muscles, it makes it stronger and more flexible. With flexible and stronger muscles at work, especially at the center, it can fully support the back and stabilize it.

Increase in flexibility
Pilates would allow your body to be bent on whatever your mind has commanded it to. With its workout exercises, the body would be able to curve, twist, move from side to side and help align it properly with the spine. With its ability to support and flex the muscles, the spinal mobility of the body increases.

Develops awareness of the body
Through Pilates, one becomes more in touch with the parts of the body. It is designed to focus and involve both mind and body with breathing as its critical factor. With every breath and turn, you become more aware of the body and its strength, thus knowing which area must be improved.

Develop good posture
By ensuring that the mind and body are aligned together, it promotes proper posture. Pilates workout ensures that the pelvis and spine are supported accordingly to reduce the chances of encountering back problems.

Aside from relieving back pain, Pilates promotes a healthier lifestyle and a form of lesser sweat experience that is really promising and worth a try.

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