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Pictures That Paint A Thousand Words

Every home has their own collection of photos. Some photos may already be framed and put on display while some are still in storage piled up one after another. One way to be able to utilize all those photos is to put them in collage picture frames.
pictures that paint a thousand words
Collage frames can accommodate many photos of various shapes and sizes and can stand on their own or can be hung on the wall. This will save you the trouble of having to buy picture frames and it also saves lots of space.

Unlike the 90’s, the cameras today are all digital, making it easy to take hundreds and thousands of photos. The downside, however would be finding the time to print them as well as the cost of printing all those photos that were taken. The beauty of collage picture frames is that you can select a number of photos from one trip and have them all displayed in a single frame for everyone to see and for you to look back and reminisce on the memories.

Collage picture frames come in two types but are available in different shapes, sizes, styles and colors.

The first type is a matted collage frame. These are the less expensive type of frame since it only has one exterior frame. They usually have smaller sized openings for photos with different sizes, which allows more photos to be displayed.

A matted collage frame has a collage mat and a frame, and is easy to make at home. What you need is a separate collage mat and a picture frame that can hold the collage mat. It may not be as cheap as buying a ready made matted collage frame but it can be customized to suit your taste and the photos you want to display. This type of frame can also be personalized since you can draw or write on the mat.

The pictures are secured on the mat. You can use tape and stick the photo on the mat or you may use tape on the corners – that is one way to preserve the special and more significant photos.

The other type is called a true collage frame. This type of frame has several openings that are all framed. It is sometimes made up of many frames which are placed together or it can be one big frame with wood and metal dividers that separate each photo. This is suitable for bigger photos and has less openings than the matted collage frame.

Using collage picture frames is a good way to display and showcase your memories and your family’s as well. They can carry the pictures of your kids growing up, family trips abroad, past holiday celebrations, or any kind of memory that has sentimental value.

Aside from being a good way to display these happy memories, they are also a great way to make use of all the photos that have been gathering dust all these years.

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