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Photography Rates: What to Charge For Commercial Photography

In all parts of the world, photography is known to be one of the most artistic ways of capturing beauty and elegance. It is also a way of advertising and promoting aspects. And of course, it is an undeniable means of income, having your work as something you like best, just like in commercial photography. Commercial photography is just like any other form of photography, but this time, the photographer is paid for his/her images rather than the usual displays and exhibits. In this viewpoint, payment could be paid for the photo’s subject or the picture itself. We have what we call commercial photography rates.
photography rates: what to charge for commercial photography
It should be observed that the photography rates and its type depend on the service they offer. There are costs common to all types of photography and these are the: travel, supplies, service fee, and equipment costs. These information are important in determining the commercial photography rates to offer.

Focusing on commercial photography, its specific costs are as follows: imaging, travel, rate per hour, proofing, and printing. In talking about commercial photography rates, a lot of photographers have their rates per hour basing on travel because this includes the charges for tolls, parking, and all other expenditures in order to get to the shoot. Day rates in photography vary in conformity to the photographer’s reputation and his/her expertise. A decent or good day rate would reach up to $1,500. And this rate is solely for the shooting time. The use or the usage of the images would also matter in terms of its price range.

Editing and proofing charges are separate from the others and are usually in line with a per hour charge of standard digital imaging. Many charge an hourly price of $65.00. This is in alignment with the local graphic artists. We can say that many of the commercial photographers charge a day rate, inclusive of the number of edited images.

In summary, one should keep in mind the break-even hourly cost. It is also recommended that one knows his day rate. Sporadically providing introductory prices will surely be stimulating to new clients and is a way to reward loyal customers. Remember, with fair commercial photography rates and quality work, happy clients will be gained.

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