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The Perfect Exercise: Pilates

Fitness researchers have condensed the criteria for proper exercise into three: stretching, strength-training, and cardiovascular exercise. Any true form of exercise should have one of these components. Some disciplines are effective enough to satisfy two, but only a few can cover all three bases. One example of a total exercise is Pilates.
The Perfect Exercise: Pilates
Invented by Joseph Pilates about a hundred years ago, this all-around workout scheme is a complete type of exercise and it also helps the mind function more closely with the body’s movements. Initially created by Pilates for his own health and lifestyle, the exercise was eventually used to rehabilitate soldiers and veterans who sustained injuries from the war. It had been proven so effective that it is one of the most popular choices for home fitness.

Breathing techniques are a big part of Pilates. The correct syncing of your breathing with your movements make you more aware of your own body, its motions and its relationship to the space around you.

Core strength is developed in Pilates training. Much of its methods are specifically geared towards the improvement of that area of the body. A good balance between strength and flexibility creates a perfect foundation for the rest of the body.

Other benefits include the correction of posture and back problems. A sound body with a mind who hears it perfectly makes you aware of the proper posture. Pilates’ stretching aspect will correct the little anomalies with the motions you make in your everyday life that you would never have been aware of.

It has been proven many times over that continued practice of Pilates significantly aids in patients with back problems. In some cases the symptoms disappear completely. Some doctors are aware of the benefits of Pilates. There are situations that it is recommended as an alternative to surgery or medication. What’s more is that the methods of the exercise do not put enormous toll on joints, making it appropriate for rehabilitation purposes.

Pilates has also become an alternative to aerobics, another popular home exercise. More prefer the former than the latter because aerobics can stretch you and work out your heart, but it falls short of providing strength training. Strength training is necessary to rebuild muscle tissue that we begin to lose when we turn 30. The popularity of Pilates continues to rise because of its convenience. Although there are Pilates gyms out there, it was initially designed to be a mat exercise. And you only need the mat. No need for any other equipment to start. It’s an easy, economical and effective way to get the perfect exercise when you don’t want to leave home or when you are on the go.

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