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Party Planning the Corporate Way

Corporate events are great avenues for the employer and employee to discover each other beyond the four walls of the office. These activities serve as a medium to share the company’s successes to the employees who are integral to the growth of the company.
Party Planning the Corporate Way
Just like any events, planning a corporate event is indeed taxing. Tantamount of efforts are exhausted to make it a success. What is more daunting is the fact that planning such event consumes time that was then supposed to be allotted for work or, in most instances, one’s time off from work is used in preparing for the event.

Despite of the challenges that may come along the way, having a breezy event preparation is still possible through the help of these tips:

Have a Theme
A theme is the core of an event. It keeps the event organized by means of setting its tone. There are a wide array of themes to choose from, be it 50’s glam, Old Hollywood, Winter Wonderland etc. Since this is a corporate event, make sure to align the event’s theme in accordance to the occasion the company is celebrating. If your company is celebrating its founding anniversary, you can have a flashback to the 80s theme and the likes.

Hire a Party Organizer
Juggling between work deliverables and an upcoming corporate event is quite stressful. Though it is remarkable that you are a key contributor in an event, you also need help from an expert in the field to ensure the event’s success.

Once you and your team have finalized a theme for the event, find and hire the services of an events organizer. A team of events organizers can help you prepare the food, music, lights, decoration, and venue – they got it all covered. They can also endorse trusted and reputable suppliers that can help you execute the event successfully.

Have a Preliminary Budget
Most companies shell out huge amounts of money whenever they host corporate events. However, given the challenging economics, it is a good practice to have a budget allotted for the party and work within that budget. Moreover, it is important to provide your finance department the projected costs of logistics including food, entertainment, venue rentals etc. You may also seek an events organizer’s help in finding a supplier that can work within the budget of your event.

Do Some Ocular Inspection
Hiring the services of an events organizer does not put you off the party planning completely, thus, you have to partake in the planning and do an ocular inspection of the venue and meet the suppliers yourself. That way, you can foresee the preparation and tweak a thing or two so that everything will fall according to what you have envisioned.

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