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Options for Bail Bonds

A suspect for a crime may use bail bond as he waits for his trial to prove whether he is guilty or not. This is where he is allowed to pay a fixed amount so that he will be temporarily released from the prison. In line with this, the accused one must also present a written document promising the court that he will appear on the specified hearing dates. The defendant must sign the document, which stipulates that he must fulfill his legal obligations. If this agreement is violated then it may be considered as another crime committed by the defendant.
Options for Bail Bonds
There are different kinds of bail bonds that a defendant can choose from. But the choices vary depending on the crime committed, track record of the suspect – if there’s any criminal offenses previously committed, and the amount of the bail itself.

Some examples of bail bonds are as follows:

1. Corporate Surety Bonds – This is where the defendant can choose a company which will help him by lending the money he needs for his bail. The company will lend about 90% of the bail fee while the remaining 10% must be provided by the suspect. This kind of bail is helpful for the defendant who doesn’t have enough money to pay for his bail. A bail bondsman will be assigned by the company. He will be in-charge of collating all the important documents, and is responsible for the submission of such. He will also provide some proof to the court that the bail amount is paid and that the defendant agrees to attend the court hearing.

2. Cash Bonds – The defendant can pay their bonds with cash. If the defendant has enough money at hand or in his bank, he can choose this one as an option to bail himself out of prison. There are cases that some courts allow the usage of credit cards and checks as a means of paying the bail. This option is not widely used since most of the defendants don’t have the means to pay the entire bail fee.

3. Property Bonds – In cases where a defendant has lot of assets but find liquidity as a problem, he may use the property bond as an option. This is assuming that the suspect has enough properties, which he can declare to the court as a guarantee for the payment of his bail. These properties must be declared to the court and will be considered as collateral for the defendant’s bail.

Defendants must be given a chance to choose from the different bail bonds available. This is their right until such time they are proven guilty of the crime being accused to them.

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