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On Consulting Pediatric Neurologists

Young children and infants require a completely different set of health care than the rest of us. They have special needs and different functions of body parts in their growing years, which is unlike the ones in adults. Also, there are a number of childhood diseases and conditions that require unique attention. Certain early age symptoms, when left undiagnosed, can lead to later complications. An example of such a condition would be childhood epilepsy.
on consulting pediatric neurologists
Unprovoked seizures are prevalent phenomena among children. They may not be so common but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. These type of seizures are the ones not brought upon by a fever or infection, they simply occur out of the blue. You need not wait for a seizure to repeat again in order to seek medical help; it is recommended you immediately consult a pediatric neurologist on this matter.

A child must be diagnosed appropriately of epilepsy in order to contain the seizures and to prevent it from worsening. Generally, hospitalization would be required for seizures that lasts for more than five minutes, or are repetitive. Pediatric neurologists would be able to diagnose and treat serious conditions like Dravet syndrome and also contain them if the causes are identified early enough.

Who are pediatric neurologists and epileptologists?
A pediatric neurologist is a specialist in the field of neurological studies in children. They can help children with their neurological disorders and problems of the nervous system. For instance, a pediatric neurologist would be able to help young children with delayed speech, headaches, and cognitive impairment.

They are known to help children from early months to young adulthood in all matters related to brain, nerves and spinal cord. They assess a child’s growth based on its cognitive development as well as environmental features that are known to affect their development. Often, pediatric neurologists are sufficient on their own, but in cases of severity they work collectively with other specialists and pediatricians.

Services provided by child neurologists also include:
– A variety of behavioral syndromes such as sleep disorder, autism, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity.
– Brain tumors and injuries of the head.
– Brain development issues and disorders, together with delay of speech, movement/motor problems and coordination disability.
– Mental disability and hindrance.
– Seizures and epilepsy
– Nervemuscle disorders, cerebral palsy and muscle dystrophy
– Hydrocephaus

Certain conditions require prolonged treatment and constant visits to the neurologists. Children with some rare syndromes often have to be treated from birth until adolescence and sometimes even longer.

When considering seizures and epilepsy, a pediatric epileptologist is the person to go to. An epileptologist is primarily a neurologist who has further specialized and experienced in epilepsy. Unlike pediatric neurologists, epileptologists have additional training and fellowship in the realm of dealing and treating epilepsies.

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