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No More Blurry Vision!

Just like the other parts of the body, the eyes are very crucial in everyday living. It allows people to see things clearly, making it a lot easier to finish the tasks they are doing. But as time progresses, the number of people having eye problems gets higher and higher. People are now suffering from astigmatism, mild blindness, and the most common of all, cataract.
No More Blurry Vision!
Cataract is most rampant among aged people or the senior citizens. Although it is deemed common, many are still unaware of its symptoms. Cataract is usually described by having headaches, blurred vision or even partial/complete loss of vision (for those with severe condition), as well as clouded natural lens of the eyes. The doctors would usually advise those with advanced stages of cataract to undergo one of the most effective solutions for this type of problem: the cataract surgery. This procedure is a lot more convenient than the other treatments for it is not only proven safe but is also a time-saving option. And using the gift of modern technology, new techniques, equipment and medicines are utilized, making it possible for the surgery to be completed in around forty to fifty minutes.

It is undeniable that some doctors prefer to perform laser eye surgeries such as Lasik eye surgery to their patients because of the lower risks involved. Aside from that, this type of surgery actually has a minimal chance of resulting in infections compared to wearing contact lenses. Done in a very short span of time, Lasik provides little to no discomfort to the patients. Some actually compare it to the surgery done to patients with cataract but little do they know that Lasik is mostly done for people experiencing astigmatism.

Today, cataract surgery is done in a manner very different from the traditional method. The latest technique used today, known as phacoemulsification, is an ultrasound-guided procedure that involves doing small incisions to dissolve the cataract. What’s so good about this technique is the fact that it guarantees the patients of a fast recovery. Not only that, it also uses a “no stitch” approach, giving patients the chance to recover immediately after carrying out the procedure. It’s also nice to know that patients are being monitored by a nursing staff to ensure smooth recovery. Doctors also make sure that the patients are prescribed with all the necessary medicines and have their check-ups scheduled to ensure smooth recovery.

It’s very good to know that traditional surgical procedures are now less time-consuming and performed easily, thanks to the technological breakthroughs in the field of ophthalmology.

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