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New Orleans: It’s Mardi Gras as Always

New Orleans is quite an experience. It is aware that it has a reputation to live up to and it ensures that everything enjoyable happens so that it maintains its reputation. You’ll quickly realize that Mardi Gras is on at all times in New Orleans.

Cajun cooking, streetcars and jazz music; all of these are most likely to be associated with New Orleans. If the animal life interests you, the display of the World’s only white alligators at the Audubon Zoo is certainly worth a visit. To round it all off, there of course is the Mardi Gras.

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(Map Illustration of New Orleans)

Weird things occur when one takes mere stroll on Bourbon Street, the fast lane epicenter of the French Quarter lifestyle. Morals and inhibitions strangely go out of the window. Erstwhile respectable women are strangely overcome by naughtiness and bare their breast for some tacky beads. “Hey there! Get your tits out, you beer guzzler”, I heard someone scream out. I was expecting the target of this lewd line to give him the finger, but instead the young attractive girl says, “There beads suck. Give me better ones”. In response, the breast-thirsty fifty-something man chuck a green necklace at the young lady. And this time she pleasingly obliged & pulls up her top and struts along. Similar madness can be witnesses at any random bar you walk into.

The sole presence of Jazz is much exaggerated. You’re far more likely to stumble onto a young boy tap dancing than a street-side saxophonist. Jazz or no Jazz, the music is thriving. Most bars host live music; rock, country, jazz, dance, name it and you’ll have it.

You must be warned that you could be treated to a seedy twist to that favorite song of yours. You could easily find yourself in an audience that’d nearly throw a few fists at X-rated amendments to the likes of “Take me home country road”.

New Orleans offers a unique American way with that French twist. Good or bad, you’ll need to be alert 24/7 in New Orleans.

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