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Neograft Hair Transplant Benefits

People from all walks of life tend to face the despairing issue of hair loss the moment the clock strikes fifty. Thus, it comes to no surprise as to why there has been an increasing demand of products that offer effective modes of treatment for hair loss – be it something as simple as a shampoo containing some magical hair-growing properties to something as complex as a hair transplant.
Neograft Hair Transplant Benefits
With the numerous advances in medical technology, Neograft hair transplant has so far been the most realistic approach to resolving the hair loss problem experienced by many men and women around the globe. Many products have come and gone in its steed, some bearing great promises of hair growth, but failing to deliver their mandate. With Neograft hair transplant however, doctors worldwide have chartered a tremendous amount of success with their patients. This has crowned it as one of the most effective hair growing procedures to date.

Based on the Neograft hair transplant review, this procedure aims to improve the overall efficiency of the Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE). If a comparison were to be drawn between the Neograft hair restoration system and the FUE, the only difference that lies between the two approaches is the Neograft utilizes state of the art machinery, whilst FUE is more old school. The concept and approach behind both methods however, are the same.

So how exactly does the Neograft hair transplant system work?

Well, the equipment used during the procedure boosts the accuracy, amount of area covered and time reduced to complete the whole transplant session. The machine starts by creating a small punch around the hair follicle, thus triggering the formation of a small circular cut. The follicle is then carefully extracted using pneumatic pressure and the grafts are then kept in a sterile solution prior to the transplant. The machine then creates another series of punches in the correct location to ensure that the follicles are placed accurately.

The recuperation period after the Neograft hair transplant is far quicker as compared to any other hair transplant. This is because this method creates fewer incisions. Results are usually seen in approximately two to three weeks, whereby the growth of healthy, permanent hair is usually observed. Thus, the Neograft hair transplant method not only creates a more efficient and accurate way of transplanting hair follicles on patients experiencing severe hair loss, but also gives its patients an overall natural and presentable new look.

However, it is important to consult the necessary medical professionals before choosing to undergo any sort of procedure. Remember, this procedure can be beneficial towards those experiencing a severe bout of hair loss and is relatively safe, but it is also a personal choice as to whether one wishes to go for a Neograft hair transplant or not.

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