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Natural Medication – Healing the Green Way

Recurrent viral infections, allergies, asthma – these have made people visit their doctors more frequently. Despite giving you numerous medications to relieve your ailment, none seem to work even if you were religiously taking the meds.


There are a number of factors that may contribute to being non-responsive to medications. Maybe, your body is resistant to the medication, thus the drug’s effect may not seem to work. It is also possible that you are allergic to the drug, or maybe you are chronically stressed that no amount of medication can exert its effort to help you get better.

Does this make you frustrated? Cheer up as there is a way for you to recover from your illness. Perhaps, you need to look into a green way of healing such as through natural health remedies. Similar with your doctor, a natural therapist will assess your physical being before prescribing you supplements. Most healing techniques entail a detoxification or cleansing program that aim to eliminate the toxins that have accumulated in your body over the years, which results to chronic fatigue or illnesses.

Interestingly, the liver is the primary organ involved in some detoxification/healing program. This is attributed to the liver’s ability to metabolize drugs and regulate the functions of the digestive system by means of releasing enzymes and hormones. Natural therapists believe that once the liver starts to malfunction, other organs of the body will follow suit, so, it is important to include the liver as part of the treatment. Better yet, maintain a healthy liver by undergoing regular detoxification or cleansing programs. A natural therapist will advise you to drink herbal drinks or eat specific fruits and vegetables that may promote the detoxification process. You may include this health regimen on your daily routine to keep your body in tip-top shape.

However, to ensure healing, it is helpful to tell your natural therapist if there are medications that you are currently taking for a medical condition. Do the same thing when you go to your physician, tell him that you are taking supplements and other form of medication. Doing so helps prevent you from developing complications that may be caused by drug-to-drug interaction.

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