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Must-See Attractions in New Zealand

Are you itching to travel the world? If so, one of the best places to see is New Zealand. It is definitely one of the most spectacular places in the planet. Popularly known as the Paradise of the Pacific, one couldn’t agree more with its outstanding scenery and untouched nature.

You would surely enjoy traveling in New Zealand with its pleasant climate as you explore its stunning and diverse scenery such as its romantic landscapes, jagged mountains, active volcanoes, geothermal bodies, crystal clear lakes and rivers, scenic beaches, and many more. To guide you in your New Zealand tours, here are some of its most famous tourist attractions:

New Zealand Destination 1: Fiordland National Park

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Boasting the title Eighth Wonder of the World, Fiordland National Park is part of the South Westland World Heritage area. It is New Zealand’s largest national park adorned with lush rain forests, tall mountains, deep fiords and splashing waterfalls. So much fantastic scenery in one place!

The Fiordland National Park is also the home of the world famous Milford Track, one of the world’s greatest walks. If you don’t want to hike the Milford Track, there are also Routeburn and Kepler tracks that rival the beauty of Milford.

Aside from the walking tour, you could have a refreshing dive in the park’s fiords. If having a little splash is not your thing, you are always welcome just to watch the park’s Sutherland Falls, which is one of the tallest falls in the world. Visiting the Fiordland National Park would absolutely complete your New Zealand holidays.

New Zealand Destination 1: Te Anau Glowworm Caves

If you want to feel like floating under a starry night sky, a New Zealand holiday spent at the Te Anu Glowworm Caves would grant that experience. Failing to include this in your must-see list would be a very bad idea. New Zealand is a country that makes every creature wondrous and magical.

Before you reach the caves, you would be traveling by boat across the beautiful Lake Te Anau. You’re off to see glowworms and not stalactites and stalagmites since the caves are still young. The entrance of the cave would let you see dotted glowworms and threads gleaming. As you reach the end of the cave, you’ll see more glowworms lighting up the very dark cave, providing you an overwhelming experience. You would surely appreciate nature even more!

New Zealand Destination 3: Hobbiton

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Are you a massive fan of the movie, Lord of the Rings? Why not visit Hobbiton, the Hobbits village? The great movie, Lord of the Rings, was filmed in this area. Make your friends jealous by bragging that you have been in the Hobbits’ village!

Spending your New Zealand holidays in the Hobbiton would be like transporting you into another world. You could imagine the Hobbits poking out in those mysterious and majestic Hobbit holes. And the ever familiar party tree stands tall among the hills.

Since Hobbiton is located on a farm, you could also marvel at the farm itself. The farm provides a scenic view of the rolling green hills swarmed with fluffy sheep. Have a great walk and appreciate the farm’s beauty.

New Zealand Destination 4: Queenstown

On the other hand, if you’re an adventure junkie, spend your New Zealand tour in Queenstown. Do you know that Queenstown is the Adventure Capital of New Zealand? You could bungy jump, try the flying fox or canyon swing, and the ever thrilling zipline. If these adrenaline rush activities still do not satisfy you, you could try paragliding, hang gliding and skydiving. It is said that there’s no better way to appreciate the beauty of Queenstown than by seeing it from the air and experiencing these extreme activities.

But of course, even if you are not into extreme adventures, Queenstown also has other attractions for you to visit. You could simply marvel at the view of the city, do nature walks, or even try boat riding. You could also do a lot of shopping in Queenstown because it is full of boutiques and food shops. You would absolutely have a great time!

New Zealand Destination 5: Bay of Islands

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The Paradise of the Pacific could also offer you a wonderful New Zealand cruise with its infamous Bay of Islands. The Bay of Islands is like a paradise for every water lover. It is a popular tourist spot for boating trips, fishing, sailing and swimming. Your New Zealand trip won’t be complete without exploring Bay of Islands’ best beaches.

Also, if you haven’t seen whales and dolphins yet, this is your chance to finally have a look at them! Bay of Islands is among the best places to do whale and dolphin watching. What’s more, you could have the chance to swim with them if you have scheduled for a cruise! However, there are times when whales and dolphins are not in sight. Shy maybe? But zero visibility rarely happens so don’t you lose hope.

Indeed, New Zealand is an AMAZING place to visit. If you haven’t been here yet, then New Zealand tours should be included at the top of your travel list. Don’t forget to have a blast in our suggested must-see attractions! You’ll definitely not regret it. Have a fun-filled trip!

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