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Most Effective Tips to Improve your Telephone-Related Skills

In today’s time and age where proper communication is a must for those in the professional industry, more and more employers are addressing problems related to the lack of effective telephone skills and etiquette. Since you are a consumer yourself, it is highly possible that you have encountered a call center agent or a business representative who did not show proper communication skills and etiquette while resolving your concerns. Businesses that overlook these problems will definitely suffer from a negative perception and eventually lose a lot of customers that will then reduce their revenues.
Most Effective Tips to Improve your Telephone-Related Skills
So if you are a business owner yourself and you would like to ensure that your telephone skills and etiquette are masterful, here are the most effective tips that you and your staff must follow.

Speak Clearly and Precisely
Keep in mind that the person you are talking to does not have any way to see your facial expressions, so make sure that your manner of speaking is not only slightly slow, but also with positive effort.

Keep Your Emotions at Bay
Even if you are really frustrated with the person you are talking to, never shout at him or her. Always use your normal tone of voice. This will help avoid tension.

Do Not Eat, Drink, or Chew Gum
Not only are these things extremely unethical, they also result in your words being garbled and unclear.

Always Use Proper Language
Never use words that are categorized as cursing or swearing. In addition, you should stay away from improper language such as slang words. They are offensive and disrespectful.

Do Not Show Over-familiarity
Always refer to the caller using his or her proper name (Ms., Mr., or Mrs. + his/her last name). If they have a title and you are aware of this, make sure that you use it to address your callers.

Listen Attentively
Allow the person that is calling you to address his or her reasons for doing so. Listen to what he or she has to say. One way to show the caller that you have indeed listened attentively is to restate or to rephrase his or her concerns. In addition, this is also an ideal way to verify the message conveyed.

Never Interrupt the Caller
Allow the caller to finish everything that he or she has to say before you start talking. Interrupting is not only unethical and disrespectful, it also causes confusion.

Be Patient
Provide the caller time to vent his or her frustrations. Do not be snappish or rude. Remain calm at all times and speak with a low, empathizing voice so that you can assuage the client’s rage.

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