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More iPhone 7 Rumors, Spoilers and Latest News

iPhone enthusiasts and fans around the world, would again gather around (or maybe not) to witness the birth of the iPhone 7. If you’re one of those who are just eager to purchase the iPhone 7 by the time it is released, well, be glad to know that it might just be released this 2016 (since they release a new design for like, every year). So what’s new?

Okay, first off, these are just rumors, no confirmations currently released. Even the name iPhone 7 is just a prediction for the next generation of iPhones. But we could never get away from people who expects some improvement. And three of those expected features include the dual lens camera for the iPhone 7 plus (that will likely be released later on), a thinner design, and a larger screen size.

And if Apple ever heard our cries, the iPhone 7’s body would somehow improve its water resistance features.

So how does Apple make the iPhone 7 thinner? It’s been rumored that they will likely remove the headphone jack to make it as thin as the 6.1mm iPod Touch. And if they intend to go further, they may be planning to replace the headphone jack with a second speaker.

But out of it all, this could be better, compared to the previous iPhone boxes with its accompanied headphones, this year, almost everyone is pleading for a new set. And if Apple ever heard those pleads, they might just release a different set of wireless earphones.

The traditional Bluetooth headphones consists of a wire that connects both left and right earpiece, and Apple is said to be designing a new set that won’t include a connective cord. (It might seem similar to other Bluetooth headphones too.)

So, when in 2016? Around September, more or so. How much? $650 or above.

It’s either you stick up to the iPhone 6S you hold or you want the latest, your choice.

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