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Mojito Nights

When you’re out for a feel good night—to relax and unwind after a day’s work; or just to simply take in a slug of something delightful, then visit your favorite bar or restaurant that serves the all time favorite mojito. It’s definitely going to be a “drink escape” worth taking.

mojito nights

Mojito traces its roots to Cuba, particularly during a time when most rums were scarcely potable—fierce, heavy and unpleasant to go with whatever grub was on the table. If you were a Cuban farmer with a bottle of cheap rum during those days, you would have engaged in different methods to make your booze taste like a good real thing. And what were the most common ingredients within reach to make the drink work? They got lime, sugar cane and mint. These three when mixed with rum, make up for a drink—although is hard to create—that is concocted with love and respect.

Years after, the mojito migrated from farms to working-class beaches within the Cuban capital and then marched inland. During these times, the mojito was jazzed up, with the addition of sodas over lots of ice contained in a tall glass. This kind is brought up to now, which people continue to improve and develop recipes from.

So go ahead and get this drink when you go out tonight. Be cautious though—a lot of bartenders actually hate creating this mix that takes time to achieve and a pain to clean up! You’re definitely in for no less than a free travel to the Carribean in no time with a glass of mojito. Sway with the music and salsa dance with this irresistibly fresh and punch mix made from white rum, sugar (traditionally cane juice), lime juice, sparkling water and mint. This original recipe from Cuba is a sure fire answer to your cravings for a cool booze that’s sweet, citrusy and minty.

strawberry mojito

If you decide to just stay at home and watch a flick over a glass of this good cocktail, then follow the following steps in creating a mojito a la award-winning resto-bar in the metro. Start by mashing limes and mint with the end of a rolling pin; bruise the latter and release the juice of the former. Add ice and pour over rum. Add soda to taste and stir well. Don’t forget to garnish with a mint sprig!

You may also go for alcohol-free night with this cocktails if you wish to. Go for a virgin mojito, which is basically the same only without the rum component so you don’t have to worry a night filled with unwanted mess. Or you may choose to follow another recipe and create a totally interesting mix. Besides the basics—mint, lime and sugar—enjoy a worry free mix that comes with lychee, honey, hot water and soda. This delicious lychee mojito tastes like the real thing but wouldn’t leave you feeling ‘dusty’ the next morning.

Don’t worry if you don’t perfect the cocktail on your first few attempts. Just keep doing it with the right amount of ingredients so you need not bother bartenders anymore nor send any queries to authors of online mojito recipes.

Got a glass of it now? Raise it and enjoy!

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