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Mexican Tile Cleaning

You might want to use Mexican tiles for your flooring. They are a type of terracotta which are handmade and fired at a low temperature. Instead of baking them at high temperatures, they are left to bake outside the Mexican sun. But when it is cloudy outside and the temperature fluctuates, the Mexican tiles become more porous which make them difficult to clean and maintain. You are going to need proper Mexican tile cleaning techniques to make them continue to look like new for years.
Mexican Tile Cleaning
When you use them as flooring in one of your rooms, they can lend that room a softer and a textured look because these tiles are not so flat, or perfectly square. You can choose from different colors such as terracotta beige, red, yellow, and orange.

In order to maximize their life span, you have to seal Mexican tile floors with appropriate sealants because they are very absorbent and can be easily damaged. These Mexican tiles can scratch very easily, so you need to have them sealed often. The sealants can fill in the pores and keep away spills from the surface which can give you enough time to wipe them away.

Mexican Tile Floor Maintenance Cleaning
You have to take care of your Mexican tiles to be sure that they last for generations. You have to keep its surface free of dust which can scratch its surface.

You must sweep and mop your Mexican tile floor as often as needed. Be sure to sweep the floor first before you mop in order to get rid of the surface dirt. And since the tiles are not even, vacuuming is not a very effective solution. Use your broom instead to sweep the grouts carefully, so that dirt does not collect in them.

You can fill a bucket with water, and add your special Mexican tile cleaner. Soak your mop in the solution and be sure to squeeze the excess water before mopping. Your mop must be damp and not wet. You have to mop your Mexican tiles thoroughly and mix a fresh solution in your bucket when it becomes too dirty. Allow your floor to dry.

Mexican tile, like other floor tiles, needs a tile cleaner that is specially formulated for it. When you use regular cleaners, you might strip the finish of your tiles or you might leave a residue which can dull the surface. And remember to always follow directions on the use of Mexican tile cleaners. If you can find tile cleaners which have a sealant or finish in them, then you should use them, so that the high-gloss look of your Mexican tiles is maintained.

Mexican tiles are made in the city of Saltillo in Mexico. They are beautiful and they can provide your home with a charming look. But if your Mexican tiles are not regularly sealed, they need to be refinished. Your heavy tables, chairs, and furniture can leave deep scratches that can not be removed by sealing alone. When you decide that you want refinishing for your Mexican tiles, it is recommended that you hire a professional tile cleaning service do it for you because Mexican tiles are very soft and are easily damaged by the wrong tools.

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