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Mental Health: What is it?

What does mental health mean? Being mentally healthy isn’t only about being free of mental problems and illnesses. It is also about being healthy in the physical, social, and emotional aspects of your life. Being mentally healthy will help people in becoming happier with their lives. They can easily cope up with the daily problems and communicate with other people easily.

what does mental health means?


Those who go through conflicts and discrimination may develop emotional problems, which may affect their social lives, work, school, and families. This puts them in greater risk of developing mental health problems. Those people with such mental problems would usually experience feeling out of place or of being undervalued. They may also get other health problems, like heart disease and asthma.

What does mental health mean aside from a person’s condition? The mental health can also be a burden to the government and the society, when it comes to its financial implications. The World Health Organization and the World Bank stated that these problems are currently 10% of all the diseases that are considered globally burdensome. Mental health illnesses are also expected to be the among the largest health problems in the world by 2020.

There are studies that show that treatments alone will not suffice in stopping and treating mental health problems and issues. This also does not help in reducing the financial and personal problems that accompany mental illnesses. This in turn affects not just the family and friends of the patients, but the government and the society as well. This is why society has to change its point of view of mental illness.

What does mental health mean for the society now? This means that everyone in the society must take a stand and address mental health problems. We need to forge and create societies and communities that are free of discrimination and violence. We need to make everyone feel like they belong in the community where they can freely participate.

No matter where we are, whether in school, at home, at the park, or at the grocery store, we need to make everyone feel secure and connected. We need to cultivate a social environment that is safe and not discriminatory in nature. This helps in ensuring that everyone is mentally healthy.

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