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Mental Health Problems: The Discrimination and Stigma

Discrimination has been a part of the lives of those with mental health problems. This makes it difficult for them to lead normal lives, especially when they become stigmatized by the experience. Even if these problems are common, mental health discrimination is still present.

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About 450 million people throughout the world have mental health issues, like depression and self-harm. At some point in most people’s lives, they will encounter a mental problem. Even one in every ten children experiences some mental health problems. The good thing is that these people can recover if they get the help and attention earlier. However, these people can experience mental health discrimination not just from the society but from their friends, colleagues and employers.

The stigma caused by mental health discrimination can take a toll on their recuperation process and their capacity to live with their problems. This can even lead to a negative experience. They will feel left out and alone even more. They can even feel helpless and trapped. Those people who faced mental health discrimination are the ones who would delay their treatments. This can worsen their condition and impede their recovery. This traps and shuts them in their illness.

Most often, those people with such health problems find it difficult to find stable jobs and be in long-term relationships. They may also be socially awkward and not be included in different activities in the society. These things are mainly caused by the discrimination that they get and the way the society stereotypes them.
What’s worse is that the media seems to portray people with health problems as violent and dangerous. These people are stereotyped as evil and unable to live normal lives. This even aggravates the mental health discrimination that these people are going through. However, all these are far from the reality. They are more likely to hurt themselves than those people around them.

This is why changing society’s state of mind is a must. There is a need to challenge discrimination and stereotypes. Everyone must make a stand in making the world a better place for everyone. All kinds of discrimination should end, especially to those people with health problems.

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