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Marketing Your Fashion Show

A fashion show is a cool and artistic way for a designer to gain exposure and make a name for himself. Lots of advance planning and hard work have to made by the team in order to ensure the success of the show. Organizing a fashion show is a brilliant idea to attract prominent names in the industry, therefore, marketing your fashion show is a crucial aspect of the planning stage. Here are some tips and ideas on how to organize and market your very own fashion show.
marketing your fashion show
Creating a buzz and building hype on prominent social websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus can help promote your fashion show. It’s a good way of letting the people know about the event, especially if you are new to the fashion industry. Organizing a fashion show recruitment meeting is a good way to get fashion-minded people and swap creative ideas to make the fashion show more creative. Pre-advertisements to get the best and most reliable models, fashion photographers, make-up artists, and front and back stage helpers is also important so you wouldn’t end up scrambling for people during the event itself. After getting the right manpower with the right skills, create deadlines and clearly relay everyone’s responsibilities in the show.

Having a detailed line-up for the fashion show is ideal. Planning every minute of the show is a must and developing back-up plans in case of manpower unavailability or technical glitches is equally important. Of course, the sequence of catwalks will be the highlight of the show so it’s very crucial to ensure a flawless execution. Plan the dress rehearsals well in advance and make sure there are enough back-up models. If the event is going to be held in the evening, don’t forget to ideally fill your show with entertainment gaps including a refreshment break. Consider the break as an opportunity to meet people of influence. Plan the dress rehearsals well in advance.

Marketing Your Fashion Show & Fund Raising

The first thing you can do is to spread the word about the event through word of mouth. The faster the word spreads, the more tickets will be sold. Promotions using online networking such as Facebook, Twitter or shooting emails are cheap yet excellent ideas to market the fashion show. Create a Facebook event and promote it to all of your friends to increase the chances of attracting more people. You can also ask them to forward the event to their own friends to create a ripple effect. Press releases or a good fashion write-up in a local newspaper can also help in creating event hype.

Make sure that there is adequate money left for the show. Approach the sponsors and offer them good sponsorship deals. They can give funds in exchange for a chance to see their name on the fashion show. Bargain a free venue by offering a percentage of ticket sales. Sharing the earned profit to a local charity is also a good idea to promote the event. People will feel more generous if they know that the money raised is going to be used for a good cause. Instead of creating a flyer featuring information about your show, distribute invitation cards which personally invite and encourage individuals to attend. Lastly, to get a good press coverage in local newspapers, don’t forget to invite aspiring models, designers, clothing manufacturers and distributors, and local celebrities such as reality television stars.

Marketing your fashion show need not be a daunting task as long as you follow these tips.

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