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Marble Floor Cleaning and Polishing

When you are looking for flooring materials, you might want to consider marble. It comes in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes which can complement any décor in your home. Marble floors can be very costly, so you want to take care of it to ensure that it lasts and stays beautiful for years. You have to learn everything you need to know about marble floor cleaning and polishing.
Marble Floor Cleaning and Polishing
Marble Floor Maintenance
Your marble floors are usually damaged by grit, sand, and dirt which get inside your homes when people bring in their shoes. The sand and dirt from the bottom of those shoes scratch your marble floors. Your first line of defense is to put rugs or mats outside and inside the entrance of your homes. And mop your marble floors frequently using a clean and dry mop. When you want to use the vacuum cleaner, be sure that your vacuum cleaner does not have worn wheels because the plastic or metal attachments on the wheels may scratch the surface of your marble floors.

Frequent mopping prevents dirt from penetrating the surface of your marble floor. When you spill grease or oil on your floor, quickly blot them out to minimize its absorption into the marble which is porous and easily stained. Do not clean your marble floor with detergent which is not formulated for marble because they can cause your marble floor to dull, and those detergents may contain chemicals which are not compatible with marble. All acids can cause harm to marble surfaces, that is why never clean your marble floors with vinegar, or other general-purpose cleaners.

Marble Cleaning
When your marble floor is stained, always use the most gentle means to clean it. Do not remove stains or whatever has stuck on your floors by scouring, scraping, or applying beach and other harsh chemicals on them.

If you find a tough stain on your marble floor which you cannot remove, it is probably best to call a professional marble cleaner to do the job, otherwise you are going to risk damaging your marble floor even more. The experienced marble cleaning contractors knows exactly what cleaning agent is perfect for the removal of specific marble stains.

Since marble is a porous material, the best way you can prevent stains on your marble floor is to treat it with a protective sealer. This sealer is going to fill in the pores to keep the spills from being absorbed into it, so you can just wipe the spills away. If your marble floor is left unsealed, you are going to have more problems with spills and everyday mess which can easily penetrate the surface of the marble. Liquid spills can evaporate but the stains remain.

You might want to call in the professionals to do the sealing of your marble for you. Once sealed, they are going to recommend products which you can use for cleaning and polishing your marble floors. These products can reinforce the protective seal to prevent future staining.

You may think that marble is a high maintenance natural stone, but its classic and timeless beauty makes it all seem very worthwhile.

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