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Making Musical Collages

A musical montage or more commonly known as music collage is a compilation of songs or sound clips that fit in a single track. All there is to making a music collage is a sound or audio editor and a series of songs, audio clips, and sound effects.
making musical collages
The tricky part is making sure that copyrighted songs are not used in the music collage. It is best to use your own audio files and clips of your songs or anything you have recorded with your friends and whoever will be included in the collage.

Instructions for making a music collage:
Listen to the songs and the sounds that are to be included in the collage. Note the start and end time of each clip that will go into the collage. Remember to think about how all the sounds will go together and how they are going to be arranged.

Audio editing programs are easy to use because of the drag and drop feature. Just drag the audio file you would like to use and highlight which segment will be played during a certain time. You can cut these audio bytes and paste them into the program to create new audio tracks. These may also be saved as different files on the computer in case you feel like you would want to use them in the future.

It also helps to give labels to the clips you will be using. This makes it easier to identify when they are stored in your folders. It will also be easier to include them in the audio program as it lessens the confusion.

Writing down how you will include the sounds and songs in an audio file might be an easier way to help create a music collage. It might be a little tough to imagine how things will sound like when it is done mentally so a list of songs and clips help make it easier.

It is important to drag the files right on the end of the current audio track to avoid blank sound clips in the entire audio track. Make sure that they are in the correct order, too. Audio files should be saved with the extension name .WAV. Instead of clicking “Save” it is better to use the “Export” function.

A music collage is easy to create but thinking about the overall outcome is the difficult part. The transition from one clip to the next may not always sound nice so it may be good to add other files in between or select the start and end of each audio segment.

Just remember to have fun and share what you think is the best way that will express yourself. It may be a tedious process especially when editing the sound quality but it is a worthwhile experience and a great way to share memories and express yourself.

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