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Making Christmas Cards Using Family Photos

Christmas has always been the best time of the year for most people. It is a time of joy, peace, unity and most evident of them all, the time of giving. We are all fond of giving gifts to our family, friends and loved ones. It seems like Christmas will never be the same without this prominent spirit of sharing. Many prefer to buy gift items from the malls and gift shops. Others want to be creative and more hand-on by making personalized gift item such as cards together with some Christmas family photo ideas.
making christmas cards using family photos
Before doing some personalized items, remember that making one as Christmas greeting cards can look chaotic if you are not creative enough. There are many greeting card styles from magazines and from the internet, which you can follow depending on your preference. Making Christmas cards can be done by putting Christmas family photo ideas into reality.

With the busy life that most people have in today’s generation, it is quite often difficult to gather all family members for a simple family picture. Every chance one could get would be something very important so this should not be taken for granted. Some people though do not like to have their picture taken, making old photos very much available for this artwork.

There are plenty of options to use in making this project possible. If you have no difficulty gathering your family members together, then you can try asking everybody to wear something that would provide a choreographed look. This is one of the Christmas family photo ideas that is done by many families. All of you can wear shirts in the same color, may be red, green or yellow, depending on your desired theme or even Santa hats to look more cool. The color red is usually recommended for photo shoots because of the great statement it provides during the Christmas season. If some members would decline in wearing one, then you might as well skip the choreography so it won’t look disorganized.

Second is to use a good digital camera since this type gives a better output. If you can ask a friend to take the family photo, the better. But if there would be none, you can set the camera into its autoset mode or the timed mode. The usage of a tripod is recommended for a better photo. You take at 4-5 shots so that you will have extra pictures in case the first one is not that good. Try different angles in taking the pictures so you would have plenty of options to choose from.

To put the Christmas family photo ideas into reality, print out a photo on a blank greeting card and write a heartfelt message for each of the family member. Make sure the photo would fit the card but you can make adjustments when editing it.

This is indeed a gift item that would warm your friends and family’s hearts.

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