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Making a Style Statement with Fashion Accessories

Using fashion accessories is not exclusive to women because men also accessorize. And when they do, they do it with style. Buying and using fashion accessories depends on a person’s taste and financial status.
Making a Style Statement with Fashion Accessories
There is a billion-dollar industry catering to men and women’s fashion accessories, such as jewelries, watches, bags, shoes, belts, eyewear, and scarves.

To accent your overall style, accessorize with jewelry but don’t overdo it. Fashion icons have some clear guidelines on how to wear the right jewelry without overpowering your look. How you look does not depend on the price tag of the jewelries you wear. As the saying goes, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but very few women can afford to strut around with huge rocks on their fingers so perhaps you can opt for diamond encrusted jewelries to achieve that rich sophisticated look.

Men’s jewelries are mostly not the subtle ones. They love to wear thick gold or silver chains on their necks. Their bracelets and the rings on their fingers are also on the thicker side. Perhaps it is because when men do it, they do it big. And let’s not forget that men sport earrings now, though mostly on one ear, but there are those who wear them on both ears.

Handbags are accessories that women can not do without. Women buy bags to match their clothing. Branded bags are shockingly expensive but women seem to have a different kind of aura when they go around with bags that cost millions. But not all women carrying a million-dollar bag looks good. You would not want to go around with an expensive bag in your hand that does enhance your look. To make a statement with your fashion accessory, you have to be able to carry it with flair.

And if you think that only women carry bags, then you’re wrong. Men from all kinds of profession carry bags to work or to play. The kind and brand of bags they carry speak highly of their economic status. And one of the most important accessories of a man is his wallet. Most men want a leather wallet and whether it is a designer wallet or not, men want to look good as he pulls it out. Is has to bulge with cash or perhaps credit cards.

Watches are another really pricey accessories especially men’s watches. Every watch-making company has a line of watches that you can only dream of. Your choice of a watch usually depends on the current trend. Most of the time, it depends on your personal taste and on your budget. If budget allows, men and women go for designer watches.

Belts are considered fashion accessories mostly by women because they use it to accentuate a dress or add glamour to slacks. But to men, belts are a necessity. It becomes a fashion accessory when they start to buy designer belts to spruce up their looks.

There are so many ways to make a statement with fashion accessories. You can use them to add zest to your wardrobe but be smart and do not overdo your use of fashion accessories.

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