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Making a Formal Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations are one of the primary things that need to be taken care of when planning a wedding. There are many types of weddings, from clichéd conventional ones to modern day themed events, and all of them require a unique set of wedding invitation designs. When it comes to formal wedding invitations, there is a certain number of etiquettes to be followed. There are already many traditional designs available for use, although a recent trend of showing some creative effort in invitations have been seen everywhere.
making a formal wedding invitation
Nevertheless there are certain components that are a staple of all formal wedding invitations. They include:

Weddings mean inviting most of the people whom you happen to know, and some of them happen to stay far away or even overseas. Or, in some instances, you may be hosting your wedding in a unique place that is less known to most of the people. In any case, it is crucial to include address, directions and even a small map, if possible, along with your formal wedding invitations.

These direction snippets can be included as a separate piece of paper along with your invitations; it would be easier to use that way. Also, you need not go through some painstaking efforts to create a map; good thing most wedding halls have their own direction cards which you could make well use of.

Response Letters
Including a ready to post response envelope along with your formal wedding invitations allows your guests to easily and quickly respond as to whether they are attending your special event or not. This will aid you better in knowing who will be there and who won’t, making the planning and preparations easier.

Formal wedding invitations will always include accommodation cards for those who will be attending your wedding from out of town. This may include nearby hotels or hostels where your guests could have a comfortable stay. This is another crucial piece of information that is attached along with the direction details.

If you are planning to host a reception and wedding at two different venues, or have a different set of guests for both these events, then it would be very wise to include a wedding reception card. This is an optional choice, although it would be very helpful. The reception card would include details about your reception such as the date, time, venue, etc.

Other than these important aspects, your wedding invite should also include a good layout and an elegant design that would capture the reader. From neatness to proper wording and good choice of colors that aren’t hard on the eye, lots of minute details have to be taken care of.

And finally, the most crucial part of the invite is the addressee’s name. Make sure you have spelled them correctly and write down their full name. For a person, their name is the most important facet so be very considerate on that.

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