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Make Your Way to Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a small Indonesian island located between the regions Java and Lombok. Famed for its rich landscape of exotic beaches, lush green rice terraces, volcanic hillsides, and a culture so colorful and profoundly spiritual, Bali is one of the most adored travel destinations in the world. More so that it takes the nickname of ‘paradise on earth’.
Make Your Way to Bali, Indonesia
Reaching Bali:
By Air: Bali has its own international airport called Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport. This happens to be Indonesia’s third busiest international airport and connects flights from a variety of cities.
There are three methods of entry into Indonesia, Visa in advance, on arrival or Visa waiver (mostly available for ASEAN countries).
By Bus: Direct busses are available from all major Java and Lombok destinations. Usually linked with ferries, since Bali is an Island.
By Boat: From Ketapang, Java to Gilimanuk, Bali, there are ferries crossing every fifteen minutes, twenty four hours all day. And from Lombok Gili Islands there are a number of catamarans and speedboats.

Bali offers a very pleasant climate throughout the year with the exception of the monsoon season in the west, from December to March. The highlands are prone to get notably cold, and one can expect rain showers anytime of the year.

Accommodations in Bali are easy to find and very affordable. Given the beautiful climate and green tropic surrounding, many hotels and villas offer open air facilities. The prices differ on location and rating. There’s a wide selection of five-star hotels as well as budget accommodations.

Bali offers a wide variety of edible wonders with its restaurants serving both international as well as tourist friendly local cuisines. There is a wide range of Balinese dishes to choose, from typical street side food vendors to high end restaurants. The local food is much more economic and tasty compared to the other cuisines offered. You may even catch some global franchises such as KFC, Pizza Hut and Starbucks, but with some adaptation to local taste.

The attractions in Bali are innumerable. The most well-known are the Hindu temples that exist in vast numbers. You will notice that each temple will have its own unique design architecture. No two temples look alike. Activities like trekking, mountain climbing, surfing, and other water activities are prevalent around Bali. Tourists mostly enjoy the seaside and wilderness.

Overall, Bali is a tourist friendly place. The inhabitants are friendly and hospitable. Their spiritual display is very prominent and can been seen all over the island. So what are you waiting for – book a flight and make your way to Bali!

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