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Make Your Perfume Last Longer

It’s a new day and you’re already dressed up. Then you lavishly spray your favorite perfume and you’re all done. But just after an hour or two, how come you can barely smell the fragrance of your perfume anymore? Now, what can you do? – Make your perfume last longer with these simple tips:

make your perfume last longer


Tip #1: The key is in moisturizing.

The more moisturized your skin is, the longer the fragrance lasts. You can choose to rub Vaseline on certain areas or just moisturize using lotion.

Tip #2: Spray perfume after showering (particularly hot showers/baths).

Heat opens up the pores in the skin. This is why after showering, you can spray perfume and retain the fragrance longer.

Tip #3: Choose oil-based perfumes.

Using oil formulation can be equated to moisture as well. And since oil is less volatile, you can enjoy your perfume’s fragrance longer.

Tip #4: Apply it on pulse points.

Apply perfume to the wrists, around the neck, behind the knees, below the midriff, and on your ankles. These pulse points are warm areas and can help diffuse the fragrance across your body. But speaking of applying perfume to the wrists, it is best not to rub your wrists together to avoid altering the top notes (the first fragrance you could smell).

Tip #5: For an added fragrance, spray some perfume on your hair.

But remember to avoid spraying it directly onto your hair as it can be damaged. You can just spray it on the brush first then run through your hair. Enjoy!

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