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Loyalty Makes Your Jack Russell Terrier So Lovable

The Jack Russell terrier is a happy, energetic, and extremely loyal dog. He goes to great lengths to protect its home and family. He does not hesitate to protect owners and children in the family. Some Jack Russell terriers are even known to protect other pets in the family. There are many times when a Jack Russell terrier is injured or killed from protecting its loved ones from harm. This kind of loyalty has made him one of the bravest little dog breeds worldwide.

Loyalty Makes Your Jack Russell Terrier So Lovable

Jack Russells may not be for everyone, but they make amazing companions. Their greatest attribute is their working ability, followed by their excellent qualities as a companion. They have been bred for hunting which is their nature. While they are adaptable to different kinds of environment, they are first and foremost bred to hunt. They can be aggressive with other dogs and other pets at home, and may not be suited for families with small children. They have a considerable need for exercise, training, and activity. The intelligence and loyalty of Jack Russell terriers are legendary, if he is provided with enough outlets for his energy and working instincts.

Jack Russell Terriers can make loyal companions for the moderate to very active families who can be as fun loving and as adventurous as their pets. Jack Russell terriers are high energy dogs. They are bred for hunting and digging. They can flourish in households where they are able to get a lot of exercise and playtime. Jack Russell Terrier is a fierce and loyal friend and makes an excellent companion for the active owner.

Jack Russell Terriers love children but these dogs are not recommended for families with small children running about. Jack Russell terriers can be very aggressive if hurt, they might nip and bite. It is also important to teach the children the proper way to handle any animal. Pulling its tail to make it come to them is not appropriate behavior and may trigger the dog’s instinct reaction to bare its teeth, growl and even bite.

A Jack Russell Terrier is a strong character, with deep rooted hunting instincts, but you must show him who is in control. He has to be trained. He needs to know that you are the dominant owner, and he is the subordinate dog. The Jack Russell Terrier is loving, affectionate, and loyal, but also independent, determined, and clever.

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