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Loyalty Makes Lovable Yorkies

Yorkshire terriers may be smaller than most dog breeds but they are among those that have bigger hearts. Aside from being cute, cuddly and adorable, this dog has been known to become one of the most loyal companions that a person can ever have. Thus, it is no wonder that they have become one of the most popular choices as household pets nowadays.

Loyalty Makes Lovable Yorkies
Yorkies weren’t always a crowd favorite though, they have started out as working dogs before until it was showcased on a bench show in England as the ‘broken-haired Scotch terrier’. Having been quite an improvement from the various breeds that have contributed to its existence, Angus Sutherland proposed that it be called Yorkshire terriers. From then until now, the name has stuck, but most of the times, they are called Yorkies as some sort of nickname.
During the Victorian era, they began sweeping hearts of both lads and ladies for their energetic personality, amazing intelligence and good looks. It has also been noted how affectionate they are to their owners. Most of them would lick their owner’s face or hand whenever they feel that it is getting a bit lonely. They keep being on their owner’s side, consoling them as their way of trying to make them feel better.

The Yorkies’ fierce loyalty and courage have proved that they are bigger than what they appear. Although they seem to be fragile, they will not be afraid to bark and bite off whoever it is that will try to harm the person that they care for the most, their masters. Also, even after being left for such a long time, maybe just for work or vacation, they will excitedly wag their tails and happily welcome their owners upon their return. Thus, they are the best friend that any person could possibly wish for.

There was even a story of this Yorkie who lives in Vancouver with a family. Upon spotting a bear in the backyard, it valiantly challenged and tried to fight it head on. Some animals may run as they know that it is bigger than they are and stronger, but this particular Yorkie had nothing in mind but the safety of his owner. Unfortunately, the little hero lost its life but it will always be remembered by the family that it protected.

Yorkies truly are a loyal companion, thus you as the owner must also return this loyalty by loving and caring for them with all your heart.

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