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Love Your Heart: Take Charge of Your Health Today

Today’s busy environment demands a lot from people. Workloads have become heavier and kids nowadays give too much importance to their peers to the extent that they rebel against their parents. Wages just seem not enough for the daily expenses. These are just some of the stressors that affect the daily lives of each person. That is why a number of studies have shown that the number of people experiencing high blood pressure has increased for the past decade. And this is something to be worried about.
Love Your Heart: Take Charge of Your Health Today
Blood pressure, also known as arterial blood pressure, is exerted by the circulating blood upon the vessels’ walls. In every heartbeat, blood pressure varies between a maximum and a minimum amount. If it reaches either the maximum or minimum, it becomes alarming as both situation can result in severe heart conditions and even in death. Monitoring one’s blood pressure is of utmost importance. Fortunately, a recent study showed that at-home telemonitoring combined with proper advice from your trusted cardiologist can help in maintaining and controlling one’s blood pressure.

Researchers found that only half of the patients with high blood pressure in the United States have their BP’s controlled. Thus, sustainable and robust models are necessary in order to improve the way patients manage and control their BP. The study included 450 adults with an uncontrolled BP and randomly assigned the participants to telemonitoring intervention with assistance from renowned cardiologists. Those who are in the intervention group was able to transmit six weekly BP measurements online using a home monitor. They also had two weekly telephone consultations with cardiologists for the first six months. Consultations were then reduced to just once a month. Calls occurred twice a month during the 7th up to the 12th months. The results showed that regularly monitoring one’s blood pressure helps prevent sudden spikes in BP and can even reduce the likelihood of heart attack. Of course, this must be coupled with proper lifestyle by doing regular exercises and eating healthy meals.

Patients in the telemonitoring intervention group were seen to be more satisfied with certain aspects of their life. They also showed more confidence in their own ability to manage their hypertension. These findings suggest that new models of BP monitoring allow the patients to effectively take charge of their health and increases their awareness on various cardiovascular conditions such as hypertension, stroke, and heart attack.

A number of cardiologists and other doctors have found the results of the study very useful not only to the medical field but also for the patients. Home monitoring has opened the possibility of having more frequent measurements in settings that are familiar to the patient. This reduces the misclassification due to either masked or white-coat hypertension. This can also prompt a more timely action in terms of addressing elevated BP. According to experts, if home BP monitoring and team-based care were to be implemented broadly, management of hypertension would be a lot easier for the patients. This can ultimately lead to a decrease in the number of people experiencing cardiovascular diseases.

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